Imagine your entire team performing a symphony and experiencing what it's like to be part of the world's most highly effective team

Duncan delivers powerful and entertaining music teambuilding experiences for conferences that unite, inspire and transform


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Professional jazz pianist, Duncan McKee presents a fully interactive musical teambuilding performance using toned bamboo instruments. A powerful metaphor for how organisations can collaborate more effectively womans health together, especially when faced with complex challenges.

Duncan has been invited over the last decade to speak at conferences and events throughout the world by many of the world’s most successful organisations.


Conferences and Events
Create learning and motivational impact with world-renowned conference music teambuilding and engagement programmes

Leadership Development
Explore adaptability and innovation skills with our powerful simulations

Team Development
Break down team silos and create conversations to drive change in global teams and engagement programmes

Inspiring presentations on creative leadership and change using music and engagement programmes

“I have worked with Duncan on numerous occasions to support large scale leadership development events. He brings a unique energy to the way he engages with the audience to provide a leadership and team experience out of the ordinary. His natural passion for music comes across clearly as he translates this into his work."

Simon Lau, Head of Leadership Development,
Group Learning and Talent Development,
Standard Chartered Bank