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stix creates transformative learning experiences through music

stix was created by renowned jazz musician and educator, Duncan McKee. Our team consists of professional musicians and educators, facilitators and social scientists, all with global experience and cross-cultural understanding. We started in 2004 in Singapore, and since then have worked with companies across four continents including Google,
Microsoft, FedEx, Standard Chartered Bank, MTV, Reebok and Intel. We’ve also produced music activities for experiential marketing agencies and learning experiences for executive development firms, leading business schools and organisations. We are headquartered in Singapore, but work globally and have partners in the UK, Australia and the US.

What is the stix method?

Our method: magic through music. Sound cheesy? You need to see it to believe it. (Check out our videos here.) We use an experiential group process where teams work together to perform complicated symphonies and other famous pieces of music. Being able to achieve something of this magnitude, without prior musical training, has a huge positive impact on the way participants perceive their own abilities.

The result: stix creates an environment for groups to reflect and process how they are able to use their existing skills as a group to create high performance teams. We have applications for teambuilding, leadership development, creative facilitation, workshops and interactive keynotes.

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10 years ago I began an experiment to find out how musical we all really are. I wanted to know if an average group of people could play a complicated piece of music together if they shared the workload.

I invited six friends around for dinner and gave them each a single part to play. I devised a simplified notation system and each person played just one note. All these notes combined were the notes of a complex symphony and to my surprise they had little trouble playing it.

The next step in the experiment was to increase the number of participants. A visionary friend saw the benefit in encouring networking at her event with a unique experience. I now had a group of 200 people playing music together. Not long after this I found myself conducting a huge group of over 1200 at a large IT conference.

Interestingly, regardless of the size of the group, it has always worked. Perhaps an even more interesting observation has been how people like to self direct themselves. When set a challenge people instantly gravitate towards each other and very quickly begin working as a team. If the group speeds up during a performance they all speed up together, seemlessly.

This discovery (and many more) has led to the evolution of stix and our application of music as a tool for helping organisations learn more about the way we work together. Music demonstrates that we want to collaborate and that we find it difficult to work against the flow. Even when we challenge our teams direction or ideas, we're effectively still working together.

It's also led us to the discovery that music mirrors the way we address complex challenges. Not all teams have the same purpose. Some come together to create new & innovative solutions whilst some are built to deliver precision & accuracy. But, like music, every team needs to know how to perform effectively together.

What We Discovered


Using a narrative or metaphor to discuss key issues helps remove the barriers to open dialogue. Music as a secondary focus, means that participants feel empowered to contribute ideas.


Our programs have been carefully designed so that each participant has an integral part to play. Everyone's involvement is necessary to the success of the music.


Our experiences give participants the opportunity to explore their leadership styles and behaviours in various complex scenarios in a zero-risk environment.


Mindsets are shifted within an environment where change is both possible and demonstrable. The 'silo' effect is broken down as teams realise they are all playing from the same score, so to speak.
Imagine your entire team performing a symphony and experiencing what it's like to be part of the world's most highly effective team

Duncan delivers powerful and entertaining music teambuilding experiences for conferences that unite, inspire and transform