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Conference Programs

Conferences are about connecting people, starting conversations and inspiring ideas to spark change. Creative and inspirational learning experiences engage and motivate participants to build those conversations and ignite positive action.


We design and deliver interactive music experiences that create an impact at global conferences & events. Leading organizations such as Microsoft, Intel, Google & MTV trust our world-renowned music teambuilding programs and leadership experiences to help encourage participation and deliver key messages and learning impact. We’re known for delivering sophisticated, creative and highly engaging sessions with fully-customised messages that are “…simply incredible”.

Encourage Networking & Participation At Events

“As a first event, adding in the STIX performance certainly helped make our event different and contribute to it being a success.  Having the delegates interact with each other especially having practitioners (buyers) working with providers really worked, and also helped break up the day rather than sitting listening to speakers the whole day.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and feedback from delegates had mentioned that the event felt like it was not a first event but had been running for a few years.”     Sharon McEneff, SharedXpertise, HRO Summit Asia Pacific

We’ve opened for conferences of over 2,000 people, initiated conversations in Partner Summits, facilitated networking sessions and transformed thousands of audiences into orchestras to kick off the year in an energising, memorable way. We’ve worked throughout the world in various industries.

“…It’s meticulously planned and thought-out for small to large intelligent audiences, and the best part is… it’s one of its kind in the world!” Pharmaceutical MNC, Group of 800 from Asia

Programs at a glance


Session Time: 20 mins to 90 mins
Group Size: 20 – 3,000+

A large group music team experience where participants co-create a symphony orchestra in 30 minutes. This is the only conference experience in the world where participants learn to read and perform music as a self-directed team all with a guaranteed outcome. The stix symphony is perfect for summits, conferences and kick-offs.

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Session Time: 60 mins to Half-Day
Group Size: 20 – 300

Our customised teambuilding programs drive networking and build conversations within a structured learning environment. The restrictions of any conference mean that people, time and space need to be managed well whilst key objectives and messages explored. Our programs not only solve these challenges but enhance the event experience.

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Session Time: 45 mins to 3 hours (including live performances)
Group Size: 10 – 500+

Jazz Insights offers a rare glimpse into the world of the jazz musician. Duncan performs with his group and deconstructs the process to help understand how a high performance team functions creatively. Duncan shares ideas on how musicians support each other through creative problem solving and how shared leadership is vital to the success of the team.

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Session Time: 20 mins to 90 mins
Group Size: any

Duncan has many insightful and inspiring stories which draw parallels between music, leadership, adaptability and creativity. From writing music for major television networks like HBO & Discovery Channel, teaching students how to improvise to navigating through jam sessions in cities where no one speaks the same language, his presentations are engaging and insightful.

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Session Time: 60 mins to Full-Day
Group Size: 20 – 300

Our customised teambuilding programs drive networking and build conversations within a structured learning environment. The restrictions of any conference mean that people, time and space need to be managed well whilst key objectives and messages explored. Our programs not only solve these challenges but enhance the event experience.

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Session Time: 20 mins to 90 mins
Group Size: 50 – 500

The Kitchen Koncerto is a hilarious interactive dinner game that combines an exciting challenge with a fun dinner performance. Guests are transformed into an orchestra by musicians in disguise as chefs. Using tuned rice bowls and chopsticks, each table rehearses their part of the symphony, preparing for the final performance where all the tables perform together, all in under 30 minutes!

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Session Time: 30 min – 3 hour
Group Size: Any

Duncan McKee is a world-class jazz pianist who performs with some of the best instrumentalists and vocalists on the jazz scene. He also leads two of his own groups, The Duncan McKee trio and Tembusu. His music can be used a stand-alone performance at your event or combined with other programs to create a complete experience. Learn more about his music here.

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If you are a leader looking for programs that build team alignment, explore key issues or spark conversations on change, you may like to check our leadership programs or Team Development Programs.

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About Duncan McKee

I'm a jazz pianist, television composer & educator. I share the stage with some of the worlds best musicians.

I compose soundtracks for television networks such as HBO and The Discovery Channel and I also write for my own trio The Duncan McKee Trio and multi-cultural group Tembusu.

I'm fascinated by music and its collaborative effect on people. When I'm not on stage playing music I'm very often on stage talking about it.



  • Nico Balschuweit, Manager Sales Learning and Development

    FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa

    "The session was excellent and will be remembered for a long time. You brought the energy of our team to a different level. We all enjoyed it. Well done and thank you again!!"

  • Simon Lau, Head of Leadership Development, Group Learning and Talent Development

    Standard Chartered Bank

    “I have worked with Duncan on numerous occasions to support large scale leadership development events. He brings a unique energy to the way he engages with the audience to provide a leadership and team experience out of the ordinary. His natural passion for music comes across clearly as he translates this into his work."

  • Rosina Wickart, Senior Director, Commercial Procurement EMEA

    Johnson & Johnson

    "We engaged Duncan and his stix programme to help build conversations within our group. We were looking for a unique way to improve the team’s performance and build on communication. The result was a fully-engaging and insightful meeting that shifted our perceptions of what was achievable. Duncan challenged our ideas of leadership and teamwork, and we could not have predicted such positive results."

  • Nick Hutton, CMO


    "stix was a revelation - everything that we hoped for happened … high energy, motivation, teambuilding, dynamism, no cultural boundary and fun - everyone enjoyed the STIX experience so much that it was voted the top session at the conference."

  • Stephanie Cross-Wilson, CEO


    "Thanks again for an outstanding performance yesterday.  It was just brilliant.  You are really lucky being able to have a career in something that you clearly love doing - and it shows in the quality of the work that you do."