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Our Philosophy

Education and development is often based on the premise that we can’t do something therefore we need to learn how to do something. Our premise is that we are all intrinsically capable of achieving positive change together, we just need the right environment, space and tools, to explore, experience and practice these skills. Using music as a narrative for change, helps create this environment.

Our mission is to motivate and engage audiences to learn, collaborate and communicate for positive change through music.

>To create engaging, intelligent and transformative learning experiences with music that provide impact and inspire change.

> Create this in an earth-friendly, human-centred way.

> Drive collaboration and spark conversations for change with narratives that engage and unite.

> Demonstrate through active participation and experiential learning that complex challenges are solvable with our innate creativity.

> Combine experiential learning, arts-based methods and analytical thinking to put learners at the centre of their own development.

> Link and engage the arts with organisations, academics, and change agents.

Ultimately, we want to get all audiences engaged with music.

Green meetings and events have always been part of our tool antidepressants kit. We recycle materials, reuse our instruments, and use technology over paper where possible.

We’ve spent the last three years designing and developing our own eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced musical instrument, which we soft-launched in 2012 and will be fully launched in 2014. This is the only of its kind in the world and set to be a great addition to corporate CSR teambuilding programs.

bambooEach instrument is made out of responsibly-sourced bamboo, the most eco-friendly material on the planet. They are then hand-crafted by artisans in Indonesia and carefully and perfectly tuned so they are perfectly pitched.

We’re Starting A Movement

For the last decade, we’ve been refining, designing and researching tools that allow anyone to experience the magic that is felt when we all perform music together, without needing to learn music theory. Our latest educational program, bambajam is aiming to build inclusivity and sustainability into education and teambuilding. To stay in the loop of the launch of our program in 2014, make sure you sign up to our mailing list below. To learn more, please visit here.

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About Duncan McKee

I'm a jazz pianist, television composer & educator. I share the stage with some of the worlds best musicians.

I compose soundtracks for television networks such as HBO and The Discovery Channel and I also write for my own trio The Duncan McKee Trio and multi-cultural group Tembusu.

I'm fascinated by music and its collaborative effect on people. When I'm not on stage playing music I'm very often on stage talking about it.



  • Nico Balschuweit, Manager Sales Learning and Development

    FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa

    "The session was excellent and will be remembered for a long time. You brought the energy of our team to a different level. We all enjoyed it. Well done and thank you again!!"

  • Simon Lau, Head of Leadership Development, Group Learning and Talent Development

    Standard Chartered Bank

    “I have worked with Duncan on numerous occasions to support large scale leadership development events. He brings a unique energy to the way he engages with the audience to provide a leadership and team experience out of the ordinary. His natural passion for music comes across clearly as he translates this into his work."

  • Rosina Wickart, Senior Director, Commercial Procurement EMEA

    Johnson & Johnson

    "We engaged Duncan and his stix programme to help build conversations within our group. We were looking for a unique way to improve the team’s performance and build on communication. The result was a fully-engaging and insightful meeting that shifted our perceptions of what was achievable. Duncan challenged our ideas of leadership and teamwork, and we could not have predicted such positive results."

  • Nick Hutton, CMO


    "stix was a revelation - everything that we hoped for happened … high energy, motivation, teambuilding, dynamism, no cultural boundary and fun - everyone enjoyed the STIX experience so much that it was voted the top session at the conference."

  • Stephanie Cross-Wilson, CEO


    "Thanks again for an outstanding performance yesterday.  It was just brilliant.  You are really lucky being able to have a career in something that you clearly love doing - and it shows in the quality of the work that you do."