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Stix Symphony

Music Teambuilding for Events & Conferences

Group Size: 20 to over 3,000
Session Time: 20-90 minutes

The orchestra is the epitome of effective teams and the perfect platform to actively demonstrate through a live experience how people can effectively work together.

The stix symphony is the ONLY conference teambuilding music experience where delegates learn how to read music and perform complicated, polyphonic symphonies as a self-directed team. And, all in 30 minutes. The results are as different sections play different parts together they create one song and the message is clear. stix enables participants to see beyond the scope of their own limitations and how through participation, everyone has a part to play. It’s completely incredible how this seemingly-impossible challenge always works. And here’s why:

For the last 10 years, we’ve researched and developed the stix symphony to be a structured group experience with learning impact and simplified logistical set up.

100,000 participants in 15 countries in three continents have proven that with no prior musical experience they can achieve this goal. It’s the power of collaboration, coaching and shared vision.

10 Reasons To Add The STIX Symphony to Your Event Program

#1 Seamless, Simple Logistics
We’re know for a slick and simple set up. The highly customisable and structured design of our game means we take the headache out of set-up and slot seamlessly into event programs. We can best advise where to place our activities for maximum impact and minimum interruption to other event content.

#2 Spark Conversations & Get Participants Networking
Since the audience co-create the performance, networking and conversations are started. This is not a follow-the-leader activity, which makes this activity engaging and memorable. People network, share ideas and make new connections. During and after the event. Social Media will be buzzing post-event.

#3 Encourage Participation & Collaboration Organically
To group process is set up to gently guide participation to ensure no one feels out of their comfort zone. No musical experience necessary. Perfect for cross-cultural teams. Language barriers are not a challenge.

#4 Customised Message To Your Event Theme
We design our programs and customise key messages and formats to suit most event format and timing. No two events are ever the same. Duncan’s message is carefully crafted to meet the objectives for each client.From 30 minute conference openers to half day teambuilding programs.

#5 Created & Led by Professional Musician & Speaker Duncan McKee
As the designer and facilitator of all his own programs, you can be assured of the best programming for your event.

#5 Guarantee Participants A Wow Performance
Since our activity is based on our researched and proven problem solving game and group process, participants are guaranteed a highly energising musical experience unlike any other.

#6 Premium Innovative Learning Content
Our experiences pack a punch combining world-class Learning Content + Teambuilding + Motivational Speaker. Participants walk away with a memorable experience and transferable learning.

#7 Green Events 
We recycle all of our materials and also use our earth-friendly bamboo musical instruments. The first of its kinds for corporate events and training. Great for CSR Programs.

#8 Global Experience
Our simple logistics and light equipment mean we frequently travel to events throughout the world. We’ve worked with the world’s leading organisations.

#9 Energizing Crescendo
The polyphonic (multiple notes played at once) nature of the activity means that everyone performs different parts of music at the same time producing a beautiful harmony and sound that culminates in a powerful, energizing crescendo. A great culmination to the conference activity.

#10 Maximize Your Event ROI with An Engaging Activity
Adding our activities makes your event programming premium and helps you achieve your event objectives in an innovative, experiential way.

We’re now taking bookings for 2014. Talk to us about customising a program for your event. For more information or request a non-obligation consulation, complete the form below, or Contact us.

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About Duncan McKee

I'm a jazz pianist, television composer & educator. I share the stage with some of the worlds best musicians.

I compose soundtracks for television networks such as HBO and The Discovery Channel and I also write for my own trio The Duncan McKee Trio and multi-cultural group Tembusu.

I'm fascinated by music and its collaborative effect on people. When I'm not on stage playing music I'm very often on stage talking about it.



  • Nico Balschuweit, Manager Sales Learning and Development

    FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa

    "The session was excellent and will be remembered for a long time. You brought the energy of our team to a different level. We all enjoyed it. Well done and thank you again!!"

  • Simon Lau, Head of Leadership Development, Group Learning and Talent Development

    Standard Chartered Bank

    “I have worked with Duncan on numerous occasions to support large scale leadership development events. He brings a unique energy to the way he engages with the audience to provide a leadership and team experience out of the ordinary. His natural passion for music comes across clearly as he translates this into his work."

  • Rosina Wickart, Senior Director, Commercial Procurement EMEA

    Johnson & Johnson

    "We engaged Duncan and his stix programme to help build conversations within our group. We were looking for a unique way to improve the team’s performance and build on communication. The result was a fully-engaging and insightful meeting that shifted our perceptions of what was achievable. Duncan challenged our ideas of leadership and teamwork, and we could not have predicted such positive results."

  • Nick Hutton, CMO


    "stix was a revelation - everything that we hoped for happened … high energy, motivation, teambuilding, dynamism, no cultural boundary and fun - everyone enjoyed the STIX experience so much that it was voted the top session at the conference."

  • Stephanie Cross-Wilson, CEO


    "Thanks again for an outstanding performance yesterday.  It was just brilliant.  You are really lucky being able to have a career in something that you clearly love doing - and it shows in the quality of the work that you do."