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The goal of any teambuilding exercise is to create an inclusive environment where people have to work together to solve a problem. By going through this process they can then reflect on their experience and identify how their unique team functions at its best. The exercise should always be fun, engaging and unrelated to the participants actually role within the organisation.

It’s an important component of any event because it’s an opportunity for teams to work together in a ‘safe’ environment. Teams find out more about themselves and the interpersonal connections they have with the people they work with. It should also be an opportunity for teams to evaluate their own dynamics and address what skills are being best utilised.

Our teambuilding activities are a great addition to any events as everyone responds positively to it. The challenge is unique yet all participants have an affiliation with music so therefore identify with the purpose. Participants begin on a level playing field which encourages natural leaders, analysts and creatives to emerge. The process is self contained and can be facilitated in almost any space. It can be as physical or passive as the participants want it to be.

“It’s a great teambuilding exercise. Everyone has fun, they have to work together (no choice in that) and it really helped crossing that divide you often see between people in a business environment. Stix is great. Now I’m wondering when I can use them again!”
Marketing Services Director, IDC Asia Pacific

Programs at a glance

stix | Comparative Leadership Experience

Session Time: 90 mins to Half Day
Group Size: 20 – 300

Teams solve musical challenges under contrasting leadership styles. When set an identical challenge, how would a jazz group solve the problem compared to a classical group? Does the creative jazz group have a different set of values to the structured orchestra?

This program explores effective leadership styles of successful music groups and their practical application to problem solving. By modelling jazz and classical groups teams adopt a unique approach to building the perfect team for every challenge.

stix | Collaborative Team Challenge

Session Time: 90 mins to Half Day
Group Size: 20 – 300

Teams are set a false challenge; to compete with other teams to create the ultimate symphony orchestra from the resources provided. As each team begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together they come to the realisation that, in order to complete the challenge, all teams must work together.

The challenge switches the mindset of teams from competitive to collaborative. Many teams, especially virtual teams, working together in regional offices rarely meet each other, even thought they’re involved in the same projects. This activity simulates the silo effect so that teams can work through solutions to break down barriers.

Kitchen Koncerto Problem Solving Challenge

Session Time:30 minutes – 60 minutes
Group Size: 20 – 300

We’ve created a puzzle that can only be completed if teams approach the problem from a reverse perspective. Teams are set the seemingly simple task of playing a basic melody on some rice bowls. Something most people could achieve with only a few minutes of rehearsal time.

The twist is that the bowls need tuning. Teams can only use the water provided to do so, however, they are only given a limited supply so must work out a strategy before they begin. Prototyping will waste resources. The first team to solve the problem wins the prize.

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About Duncan McKee

I'm a jazz pianist, television composer & educator. I share the stage with some of the worlds best musicians.

I compose soundtracks for television networks such as HBO and The Discovery Channel and I also write for my own trio The Duncan McKee Trio and multi-cultural group Tembusu.

I'm fascinated by music and its collaborative effect on people. When I'm not on stage playing music I'm very often on stage talking about it.



  • Nico Balschuweit, Manager Sales Learning and Development

    FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa

    "The session was excellent and will be remembered for a long time. You brought the energy of our team to a different level. We all enjoyed it. Well done and thank you again!!"

  • Simon Lau, Head of Leadership Development, Group Learning and Talent Development

    Standard Chartered Bank

    “I have worked with Duncan on numerous occasions to support large scale leadership development events. He brings a unique energy to the way he engages with the audience to provide a leadership and team experience out of the ordinary. His natural passion for music comes across clearly as he translates this into his work."

  • Rosina Wickart, Senior Director, Commercial Procurement EMEA

    Johnson & Johnson

    "We engaged Duncan and his stix programme to help build conversations within our group. We were looking for a unique way to improve the team’s performance and build on communication. The result was a fully-engaging and insightful meeting that shifted our perceptions of what was achievable. Duncan challenged our ideas of leadership and teamwork, and we could not have predicted such positive results."

  • Nick Hutton, CMO


    "stix was a revelation - everything that we hoped for happened … high energy, motivation, teambuilding, dynamism, no cultural boundary and fun - everyone enjoyed the STIX experience so much that it was voted the top session at the conference."

  • Stephanie Cross-Wilson, CEO


    "Thanks again for an outstanding performance yesterday.  It was just brilliant.  You are really lucky being able to have a career in something that you clearly love doing - and it shows in the quality of the work that you do."