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About Duncan McKee

I'm a jazz pianist, television composer & educator. I share the stage with some of the worlds best musicians.

I compose soundtracks for television networks such as HBO and The Discovery Channel and I also write for my own trio The Duncan McKee Trio and multi-cultural group Tembusu.

I'm fascinated by music and its collaborative effect on people. When I'm not on stage playing music I'm very often on stage talking about it.


What We Do

Transformative Learning Experiences Through Music

From Hong Kong to Sydney, Singapore to London, we’ve worked with leading organisations who value employee engagement and creative motivation. We customise and create learning programs and experiences using music to help drive meaningful conversations on change and effective teamwork in a collaborative, inspiring way.

Ways We Do This

From intimate 20-person facilitated workshops that brainstorm new product ideas, to large conference teambuilding activities that demonstrates the metaphor that we are all capable of change, our methods, programs and experiences have been used with companies including MTV, Dell, and Google to help drive change and transformation.

Our areas of expertise include experiences and programs for:

>> Leadership Development
>> Team Development
>> Creative Facilitation
>> Employee Engagement
>> Onboarding Programs
>> Selection & Assessment
>> Learning & Development
>> Entertainment
>> Education

Solutions at a glance

Are you a leader, looking to build skin care team alignment and engagement. Our creative Leadership Simulations have been used with global teams to drive employee engagement.

If you are an Event Planner looking for a powerful, intelligent hassle-free conference teambuilding program or Motivational Speaker for your conference or Summit. Our proven large group activities encourage participation and drive networking. Find Out More

If you are planning a change initiative or looking to build a culture of innovation and adaptability in your team, organisation or educational institution, then contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We customise long-term creative catalyst programs that instill and build creative and adaptive leadership competencies.

We partner with other creative experts, consultants, change agents, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, learning leaders, and experiential marketers to help deliver these integrative programs. We all connect together to change and inspire the world of learning. 

Conferences and Events
Create learning and motivational impact with world-renowned conference music teambuilding and engagement programmes

Leadership Development
Explore adaptability and innovation skills with our powerful simulations

Team Development
Break down team silos and create conversations to drive change in global teams and engagement programmes

Inspiring presentations on creative leadership and change using music and engagement programmes


Global Experience

We’ve worked with global teams in 15 countries, across four continents and numerous industries. Our unique experience working in cross-cultural organisations in Asia, Europe and the US has provided us with the perspective global teams and global leaders need.

Creative Experts

We are creativity, engagement and large group facilitation experts. We're also creative practitioners, researchers, coaches and social scientists. We provide learning impact in an intelligent, and transformative way from the perspective of a real artist.

Customised Programs

We research, design, develop and facilitate all our own programs. This gives us the ability to customise each programme with our clients to reflect the organisational context. Every team has a unique set of challenges and we believe each programme design should reflect this.